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Natural Dog Company

Natural Dog Company Organic Shampoo Bars - Sensitive Skin - 4Oz

Natural Dog Company Organic Shampoo Bars - Sensitive Skin - 4Oz

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Treat your pup to a soothing bath!  

Does your loyal companion suffer from dry, sensitive skin? Did you know a dog’s skin is much more absorbent than  human skin? That makes them more susceptible and sensitive to the products put on their skin and coat. Our  unscented, hypoallergenic Sensitive Skin Organic Shampoo Bar is here to wash out all of your pup’s dirty problems and  it’s suited for even the most sensitive dogs on the block. This carefully crafted shampoo bar is made with soothing,  organic ingredients that naturally clean, nourish, heal and moisturize your pup’s skin and coat.  

Free of dyes, parabens, harsh chemicals, fragrance, sulfates and detergents - nothing but gentle, soothing, pet-safe  ingredients. Aloe vera, cocoa butter, oatmeal and other essential nutrients work together to relieve skin irritations,  rashes, canine acne and more.  

A shampoo bar that is safe, natural and still gets the job done is vital for your dog’s health. Treat and soothe your dog’s  sensitive skin while leaving behind beautiful, moisturized skin and coat. You will even notice that your dog will dry faster  without that awful wet dog smell - a treat for both you and your canine companion.  


Oatmeal | Naturally moisturises & soothes itchy, irritated skin & helps soften a dog’s coat  

Cocoa Butter | Rich, natural moisturiser to soothe dry skin, heal irritations, acne & boost coat shine Rosemary Extract | Antioxidant, hydrating oil to help stimulate hair follicles for a healthy, strong coat Aloe Vera | Provides high level of essential minerals to help soothe skin, fight infections & promote swift healing 

Remaining essential ingredients: 

Organic Oils of Palm, Coconut, Oil & Palm Kernel  


Shampoo bars are much longer lasting and less wasteful than liquid shampoos. Simply rub the bar on your dog's wet  coat to make a rich, creamy lather. Add more water to help increase suds if necessary. Massage the shampoo deep into  your dog's coat and rinse thoroughly. Dry your fresh pup off with a clean towel and toss him a treat for a successful bathtime!

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