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Teef Protektin 42 K9 formula Drinkable Dental Health

Teef Protektin 42 K9 formula Drinkable Dental Health

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TEEF! Daily Dental Care – Natural Dog Dental Water Additive, Fights Plaque and Tartar and Say Goodbye to Bad Dog Breath

**Vet and Pet Parent Approved**

Key features

  • TEEF! is an award-winning, vet approved daily dental regimen that freshens your dog's breath and eliminates tartar. It works below the gum line to target the root cause of gum disease. Just add to your pet’s water bowl.
  • Patented prebiotic water additive naturally outsmarts bad bacteria linked to plaque and bad breath
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Tasteless and odourless
  • Grain, gluten, chemical & preservative free
  • Made with safe, 100% human-grade and plant-based ingredients. No toxic chemicals
  • Scoop the dental powder for dogs and add to the water bowl. Includes 3 grams, approx. 30 servings
  • Bad breath is a cry for health. TEEF! targets the root cause that exists below your pup's gumline

Many dog owners don’t know that bad breath is a cry for health. Along with tartar and plaque, it’s an indicator of dental disease which can lead to heart failure, kidney disease and even a shortened life span.

Protektin42TM is an award-winning prebiotic formula that targets the root cause of dental disease, even below the gumline. Containing 100% human-grade ingredients, it neutralizes dangerous bacteria by starving them of sugar and strengthens protective bacteria essential for a healthy mouth -  targets the root cause of bad breath and dental disease, every time your dog drinks. 

TEEF! powder formulation for pets is called Protektin, a patented combination of 4 naturally safe, bioactive human grade ingredients 

  • Soluble fiber
  • Amino acid
  • Vitamin b6
  • Sodium bicarbonate. 

Patented science selectively favors health-promoting bacteria to flourish in your pet’s mouth, while disrupting dangerous bacteria, so your pet can benefit.

How to use: 

Simply Add To Your Dog’s Water 

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