Harmony Topical Yeast Serum
Harmony Topical Yeast Serum
Harmony Topical Yeast Serum

Harmony Topical Yeast Serum

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Harmony is an external remedy for confirmed yeast in the ears and on the skin - it manages the symptoms of topical yeast like itching, scratching, hair loss, that "yeasty corn chip" smell and yeast related oozing while you figure out the root cause of your dog's yeast.  


  • Powerful herbal formula heals from the inside out
  • All ingredients are GMO-free, cruelty-free & vegan-friendly
  • WARNING: For dogs & horses only, not for cats

Harmony addresses the following problems:  

  • Itching, scratching and licking related to yeast
  • Helps dry up yeast ooze, yeast related moisture and discharge
  • Repairs skin and helps keep yeast from spreading


Almond, english walnut, tamanu & black cumin seed oil, dried calendula, echinacea, mullen leaf, pau de arco bark, essential oils of frankincense, roman chamomile, german  chamomile, geranium & petitgrain, organic vitamin E.  


  • For Skin  
    • Apply a thin layer with a clean or gauze wrapped finger. Completely cover the affected area twice  daily until yeast clears up. Apply maintenance dose if needed.  
  • For Ears  
    • Massage 2-3 drops in the affected vertical ear canal or ear flap. Apply twice daily until yeast clears. Apply maintenance dose if needed.