Thank you all for coming down for Refureshed! It was so great to see all the furry faces you brought along and we hope you enjoyed the event as much as us. Find all our event pictures on our Facebook Page, and we hope to see you all very soon! If you didn’t get the chance to catch us this time, fret not. Stay tuned for our future events and we’re looking forward to seeing all of you soon. 


When: 2 & 9 April 2022 (Saturday)Where: TWO X FOUR, 2 Pandan Valley, #01-210 ACACIA COURT, Singapore 597626

  • Sweet treats, great deals

    Redeem a free gift box, win free treats, enjoy exclusive promotions and more!

  • Fun activities, games galore

    Putting the 'play' in Paws & Play — check out all the activities we have lined up for you below.

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What You Can Expect...

A Fun Time @ TWO X FOUR Cafe 😋

Good food for both you and your furpal! Newly opened last year, TWO X FOUR has already made a name for themselves, providing comfort and absolutely yummy food for their TWO and FOUR-legged customers. This 2-level air-conditioned cafe is the perfect place to get Re(fur)eshed!
Check our their Seth Lui featurehere

(MUST HAVES: Chicken wings on the human menu, and meatballs on the Pawfect Menu!) 

Custom Merch with Treatjar 😜  

We know how much you love your pet and their cuuuuute little face. Well, why not get them imprinted anywhere you can? With Treatjar, get custom laser engraving and embroidery of your beloved furry pals. Just look at the ones in the pic on the left. Aren't they gorgeous?!

At Re(fur)eshed, you'll enjoy exclusive event-only promotions up to 15% off your order, as well as a free custom tote bag! Check out their full menuhere.

Coffee with Vets 🩺

Have a quick chat with trusted industry experts from VetPrime - you probably have burning questions, so feel free to ask away! Besides that, they'll also be showcasing their range of supplements available for your furpals.

VetPrime Herbal is Singapore's first herbal supplement range for pets. Jointly developed by VetPrime and Singapore Link Sciences, their products aim to combine the benefits of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine and Western Veterinary Medicine to restore balance and health of pets.

Note: Come down on 2 April to catch them! 

Trick & Treat 🦴

We hope you've been keeping your furpal active, because here's your chance to show off how smart they are! Comeprepared and you could walk away with a whole lot of free treats and other accessories.

(Psst. Sit. Stay. Down. Fetch. Those are all the clues I can give you.)

Snap & Mingle 📸 

We're big believers of the importance of pet socialisation, so it's definitely happening at Re(fur)eshed! While you sit back and rejuvenate with TWO X FOUR's wonderful menu, let your furry pal sniff the butts of - and play with - the other cuties around.

TWO X FOUR also boasts the cutest photo wall, and we can't wait to help you snap so, so many pretty pics of you and your little one!

Check out the cute doggos that came for our previous event!

Re(fur)eshed is held in conjunction with our lovely partners: