Who are we? ☺

We're a bunch of pet-lovers just like you. We realised the importance of better, healthier options for our pets and hence, wanted to make that a reality for all pet owners from the get-go.

You can find us obsessing over pet food nutrition, pet care & pet activities. We want nothing but the best for our pet, and we're sure you do too.

Meet the squad 🐾


Queen B does not answer to anyone's needs but her own. But she'll love anyone who feeds her her favourite brand of cat food - one paw five if you can guess what it is!


An old boi who acts just like a puppy. After realising the ill effects of eating kibbles, Boyance now adopts a more wholesome diet consisting of a mix of canned and raw food.


The most warm and loving cat you'll ever meet. Brandy knows she can't have the fried chicken wing she longs for, so she'll stick to her healthy bowl of air-dried cat food. 


This young one has a warm heart that's just as huge as he is. Tango lives off a very yummy, nutritious raw diet and savours every bit of his meals.

Let's give our furry friends the long and happy life they deserve. ♥