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Treat Therapeutics is a Singaporean-based pet biotech start-up on a mission to revolutionise the health of our pets. 

Treat helps you better understand what’s going on with your doggo, from the inside-out. They’re starting with the gut, a central controller of our dog’s health - controlling everything from their mood, to appetite, to the risk of long-term chronic illnesses. Each of our guts are unique and our dogs are no different.  

Treat was started by two crazy scientists, ruled by their dogs and determined that we can be doing more for their long-term health. With their dogs’ suffering tremendously from allergies and gut issues, the pair set off to find alternative solutions to support their dogs’ health. Having helped their own doggos, together with a world-leading team, they are now bringing this science to you at home. 

The Wellness Kit for your dog's Gut Health

Find how to feed your dog, but let Treat do the hard work for you. Treat’s Gut Wellness Kit will help you:

  • Discover what your dog should be eating
  • Find solutions to recurring illnesses
  • Prevent diseases before it’s too late

Treat has provided a promo code exclusively for Paws & Play customers.

For $10 OFF your kit, simply enter the code “PLAY2023” at checkout (min. purchase of SGD 40.00) to redeem your discount.

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